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"Shannon ran our customer experience department, covered for our operations manager when he was on vacation, and stepped in wherever and whenever she was needed. Customer experience was a key element in our successful service offering which positioned us well when we decided to sell the company. You can count on her to take initiative and manage the details."

Melissa, Owner of B2B office services company

"Ms Bean Scalise has been a very professional and well communicated point of contact over the months of co-working on a large project together. Her ability to coordinate was timely, effective and pleasant. Her communication was always precise, timely and appreciated for progress needed."

-James, Consultant at business services company

"Shannon is a truly remarkable person to have on your team. She is motivating, upbeat, and helped me to achieve success professionally and personally"

-Abrahm, National Director of Sales for retail supplier

“Shannon is by far the most organized, detail-oriented, and driven individual I have ever worked with. She has the ability to bring enthusiasm to even the most mundane tasks, making her a joy to be around.”

 -Carrie, Owner of a financial services firm

"Shannon is attentive and diligent in the work she performs. Her attention to detail and exceptional communication skills make her very effective and a true pleasure to work with."

-Clinton, Owner of software company

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