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Book See Financial Group exists in order to support business owners who seek to drive positive change. We do this by systematizing and organizing each clients’ business’s’ financial back-end so that their accounting systems provide data-driven decision making capacity, tax strategy, accurate compliance, instead of stress and confusion. We focus on empowering our clients to lean into their own strengths and to better understand and leverage their business’s financial picture. We seek to serve small and service based businesses, with special emphasis on businesses engaged in regenerative acts (soil restoration, permaculture, biological farming, non-profits, artists, ect.) Clients are wide-ranging and include: interior designers, salons, online retailers, software designers, market gardeners, home services companies, real estate agents, and various other business types. 


Founder, Shannon Bean Scalise, also co-owns Hugelrado Farms a Vermiculture/Permaculture/Compost business and co-owns Colorado Soil Web Consultants. Both businesses are dedicated to assisting and engaging communities and farmers in building soil health, growing more nutritious food, and sequestering carbon in backyards. She lives with her husband and three dogs, builds spreadsheets for fun, and can be found analyzing soil samples or working in her food forest when not working on client books.