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Shannon Bean Scalise

Founder and Professional Bookkeeper

"I believe that modern entrepreneurs are crucially important to our local social ecosystem, to more equitable communities, and to climate stability. I created BSFG, a Public Benefit Company, in order to use my bookkeeping expertise, vetted procedures, and strategy oriented brain to support business owners to be more powerful change-agents in their target areas. 

I have a strong clean-up background and have proficiently turned messy books into clean, fully reconciled, better organized and easily readable financial statements for businesses including: legal, dental, med-spas, research & development tech start-ups, cleaning companies, e-commerce, food-trucks, trucking/logistics, non-profits, farms, flower shops,  Real-Estate and Title companies, Design & Consultation firms, Landscaping and Home Services, Yoga, Art Studios, and more. I take pride in thoroughly documented and demonstrated journal entries, reconciliations, and workpapers so that all elements of your financials are proven and tie-back to source documentation.  What this means for you is that there's concrete evidence for trusting your financials; and that our frequent conversations about your trajectories and landscape are heavily informed by my experience with other businesses' financials, which means you're not in it alone.  We can implement best practices for almost any situation (examples: scope of work profitability tracking, payroll growth forecasting, grant-mapping) and we work from reports that speak about your business in the language you already think of it in. 

In my free time, I nerd-out to finding new/better business tools, learning worker-owned-coop bookkeeping (coming soon!,) myco-remediation techniques (using fungi to heal ecosystems,) soil-health policy, global musics (all the musics!) and enjoying our Public Lands. 

It is my goal to seek out curious, kind, and mission focused colleagues, clients, collaborators, and friends. "

We Support these Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the following ways:



"Shannon is a truly remarkable person to have on your team. She is motivating, upbeat, and helped me to achieve success professionally and personally"

-Abrahm, National Director of Sales for retail supplier

“Shannon is by far the most organized, detail-oriented, and driven individual I have ever worked with. She has the ability to bring enthusiasm to even the most mundane tasks, making her a joy to be around.”

 -Carrie, Owner of a financial services firm

"Shannon made setting up the back end for our small urban farm very easy! Anytime I have a question, she sends me a recorded training video with step-by-step instructions to get me the answers I need. Very responsive. Highly recommend!

-Nicolas, Soil Health Consultant

"Shannon ran our customer experience department, covered for our operations manager when he was on vacation, and stepped in wherever and whenever she was needed. Customer experience was a key element in our successful service offering which positioned us well when we decided to sell the company. You can count on her to take initiative and manage the details."

-Melissa, Owner of B2B office services company

"Book See Financial has given my business the tools and support to focus on my growth and wellness of my real passion as a hairdresser. The visual tools and reports used explain clearly the direction of my salon in a way I comprehend. The freedom of knowing my finances are in capable hands is immeasurable. The personal attention to detail is beyond any other bookkeeping service available. Shannon is one of the major keys to my success. I could not recommend her more."

-Nikki, Salon Owner

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