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We are a high-touch, customer experience focused, online, virtual bookkeeping firm. We provide financial clarity and implement proven financial systems to capture the full financial picture of your businesses. This empowers you to make more informed business decisions and better grow your business. 

Our financial system implementation captures all tax related elements of your business (assets, loans, contributions, interest, asset depreciation, overhead, revenue, profits, and other elements of your business) so that you can pull more strategy into your tax plan and enjoy a reduced stress (dare we say, smooth!) tax season. You shouldn’t have to take Accounting 101 to have clean books or to make sense of the accounting basics of double entry bookkeeping. That’s where we come in. 


All financial services include monthly one-on-one sessions to delve into the financial pulse of your business and to walk through your key areas of interest together. 

We are your steward and ally for the journey ahead!


Book See Financial Group can assist with all the following services: 

  • Clean up- No matter how far behind your books are, we can get you caught up! 

  • Bookkeeping Services - (includes: everything needed for a low-stress tax season: your bookkeeper will manage asset depreciation, proper loan recording, journal entries, bank and credit card reconciliations, inventory adjustments, and documentation of every asset, liability, and equity associated with your business.)  

  • Accounts Payable - (Who you owe.)

  • Accounts Receivable - (Who owes you.)

  • Payroll & Employee Onboarding 

  • Monthly budgeting & forecasting. 

  • QuickBooks Coaching Lessons

  • Tax Strategy, Planning & Filing (through our partner firm Alyxzander Accounting & Tax Service) 

  • Personal financial budgeting & coaching

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